Are you having trouble figuring out what to do this weekend? We’ve all been in a situation like that so you’re definitely not alone.

However, enjoying a day off is anything but difficult in Stamford. There are tons of attractions such as Stamford Museum & Nature Center, Stamford’s Miniature Ghost Town, The Ferguson Library, Half Full Brewery, Cove Island Park, and many more where entertainment is pretty much guaranteed.

With so many amazing spots to check out, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one. So we have narrowed down the list for you. Without further ado, here are our top picks:

Cove Island Park

Cove Island Park is vast in size, with almost 83 acres of beach and recreation area. The park has a play area for children, sandy beaches, one-mile loop for jogging, and expansive lawns ideal for picnics.

The park has something on offer for everyone. You can enjoy the ocean breeze standing on the shore, jog or run in tracks, cycle or rollerblade, watch the birds, fly kites for fun, take your pets for a walk, spend some time reading, enjoy the fresh saltwater air, and do a whole lot of other stuff.

Half Full Brewery

Half Full Brewery is a microbrewery and tasting room offering beers with a unique taste made by expert brewers. They provide rare varieties of beer that are made by using special techniques to create a balance between the bitter taste of hops and sweet flavors.

On the third Wednesday of every month, Half Full hosts an event called Rare Beer Night. Customers are presented with new experimental types of beers along with mouth-watering food. On Fridays, you can walk in the brewery to enjoy samples. On weekends, you can get a complete tour of the brewery.

The place is a heaven for ardent beer lovers.

The Palace Theatre

Originally a vaudeville house made by Thomas Lamb in 1927, The Palace Theatre has a long history. It is now owned by a non-profit organization named Stamford Center for the Arts.

Various performances including concerts, plays, dances, interesting shows, and many more are staged in this venue regularly. The events are held in two venues, one in Atlantic Street and the other on Rich Forum.

The one in Atlantic Street has a fabulous interior and can seat a crowd of 1,500+ comfortably for a breathtaking view of the live performances.

The monthly event, TAP Cafe, provides a perfect place to make acquaintance over delicious food and drinks.


Brasitas is a restaurant offering a Latin Fusion Cuisine menu with a great reputation for their mixtures of delicious food. They have been in business since 1999 and are becoming more and more popular by the year.

The mouth-watering food is known to tantalize the soul with its aroma. Even the strongest wills are broken with a quick bite and then some more.

They provide all sorts of Latin foods including maize-based dishes arepas, arroz con pollo with shreds of chicken, pupusas, fried sweet plantains, tacos, tamales, jasmine rice tortillas, various salsas, chips and dips, tart citrus cabbage relish, and lots more.

Brasitas Restaurant is an excellent place to enjoy a delicious Latin meal with your friends or family.

local businesses

Situated 30 miles from Manhattan and known as the “City that Works,” Stamford works well for big corporations and small businesses alike. Business is thriving here for many reasons.

Businesswise, Stamford emerges on top in Connecticut as experts agree the city is close to reaching its economical potential.

There are so many successful local businesses worth mentioning here. If you’re familiar with our blog then you probably already know how much we love local businesses.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best local businesses in Stamford.

Izet’s Leather and Shoe Repair

Izet’s Leather and Shoe Repair is an old gem of a clothes store that has been satisfying customers for over a decade now.

The clothes sold are of high quality and you won’t find better leather work anywhere else in the city. The shoes and leather jackets come in a wide variety and styles. They are also famous for their affordable pricing.

The staff is polite, friendly, and welcoming. They have a high reputation for making customers feel like they are a part of the family. You can even get advice on clothing from Mr. Izet’s himself.

The store does more than just selling clothes as they also offer repair services. Whether it’s a simple replacement of taps of heels or a complete repair of a broken shoe, you can get your clothes and shoes fixed with no worries here.

If you need repairs or want to purchase comfortable and fitting leather clothes, then look no further.

Pinot’s Palette

Would you like to unleash your inner artist trapped beneath all the doubts?

Pinot’s Palette is the perfect place to get started. Go alone or take a group with you to have a fun time learning what it takes and how it feels to be a painter.

People with no painting experience go in and come out with what can only be called a masterpiece for first-timers. The instructors are masters at their job because it’s really them that do the magic teaching customers so well.

They have a great environment and receive nothing but positive feedback for their services.

You can order food and drinks from restaurants nearby to deliver at Pinot’s venue and enjoy it indoors during a short break midway of the painting lesson.

The experience is amazing and so are the instructors, join them for an evening of fun and a memorable painting lesson.

Half Full Brewery

A microbrewery in 43 Homestead Ave, Half Full Brewery was started by Conor Horrigan who had only one motive in mind from the beginning. His goal was to challenge people to live in the moment.

His mission has been accomplished as the brewery is now the go-to place for ardent beer lovers in Stamford.

They sell various types of drinks in all sorts of flavors and with numerous ingredients. The variety of beers sold is unmatched by any other local brewery. They like to experiment a lot and give new samples of drinks to people for testing.

It’s the finest brewery in the city for a reason. This is due to the brilliance of the hardworking staff who work on a framework built on the following six qualities:

  1. Fun-Loving
  2. Audacious
  3. Brilliant
  4. Restless
  5. Impactful
  6. Collaborative

Make sure to check them out the next time you feel like grabbing a beer.

favorite restaurants

Stamford’s proximity to New York is one of its best merits. While great, The proximity does have some inevitable side effects. The Food Scene being compared to the Big Apple is one of these side effects.

New York is one of the best food cities in the world. Few regions come close to replicating the culinary magic of the giant metropolis.

Stamford may not quite be on NY’s level on this front, few cities are, but it still has a lot to offer.

Foodies and Drink Connoisseurs Rejoice! This article is for you. We have painstakingly assembled this diverse list. Read on to discover some of the best local eateries and pubs in Stamford.

It is irrelevant if you are visiting Stamford over the weekend, or have lived here for years. You NEED to check these places out.

Half Full Brewery
WHERE: 43 Homestead Ave, Stamford

WHY: Nice Beers, Community Focused Business

Half Full is the epitome of what you expect from a small local business. They have a vested interest in the community, and their public events are some of the most entertaining in the entire city.

The Brewery has a long list of beers on tap, and they keep adding to it. Their unique “Community Sourced Ales” are brewed entirely in collaboration with other local ventures.

If you like beer, you simply have to check them out.

DiMare Pastry Shop
WHERE: 12 Largo Drive South, Stamford

WHY: Family Business, Great Cakes and Pastries

DiMare is a family owned bakery operating in Stamford since 1976. Their delicious cakes and pastries are made with quality ingredients, completely from scratch.

If you need cakes, cookies, pies, bread, pastries or any other baked good, this is the shop for you. DiMare also provides custom orders and online booking inside the United States.

Magee’s Curbside
WHERE: 72 Magee Ave, Stamford

WHY: Wonderful Food, Small and Cozy Spot

This modest restaurant is pretty unremarkable at first glance. It is a small place with limited parking spaces, outside of the bustling downtown area. Give them a go, however, and you’ll see why it makes the list.

Magee’s have their own innovative spin on your favorite foods. Among these are Churro Waffles, a delicious cross between a Churro and a Waffle.

You can enjoy anything from their long pun-riddled menu in a homely and snug setting.

Colony Grill
WHERE: 172 Myrtle Ave, Stamford

WHY: Famous “Hot Oil” Pizza

Colony is a historic establishment that was set up in 1935 as a tavern. The business has since evolved, and the name remains only as a nod to their history and heritage.

Although you can still get drinks, the popularity of their signature pizza has wiped out most other menu items over time. Their unique “Hot Oil Pizza” is a one-of-its-kind thin-crust pie with unique spicy toppings.

Looking for a great pizza? This is the place to be.

WHERE: 125 Bedford St, Stamford

WHY: Excellent Churros, Speciality Coffee And Tea

Lorca offers locally-sourced handmade food and beverages. They have a good selection of great breakfast and lunch options.

Where Lorca really stands out, however, is their baked goods and specialty beverages. The highlights of this Spanish-inspired cafe include the best Churros in Stamford. With a host of coffees or teas to choose from, you are spoiled for choice on the beverage front.

business spotlight

KRG Business Spotlight – Elio Vetrini, Owner – COUNTY TV & APPLIANCE, Stamford, CT

Q: You have owned County TV & Appliances since 2003. What inspired your family to take on this venture?
A: My father, Vincent, started in this business as a 21-year-old salesperson. It’s a good old American sales story which charts the evolution of a good sales person who eventually became a majority owner. I started in this business as a 16-year-old, and now I am following in my father’s footsteps. He was inspired to buy this business and was thoughtful and did it well over the course of his long career. The opportunity presented itself to continue and grow the company and purchase it all, so it’s something that we’ve done over our entire lives. I was born and raised in it, and I am happy to be a part of it.

Q: Who or what has been your personal inspiration in business?
A: Naturally, a child follows in his father’s footsteps. Growing up, I watched my father working hard and working long hours. We have a close relationship, so that has truly been my inspiration to continue following in his footsteps. My inspiration today, now that I am fully invested in this business, is being the best luxury appliance and electronics retailer in Fairfield County – that’s not a cliché. We stick to that. That’s why we wake up every morning and put in the hard work that we do – it’s not only money driven, but rather being the best in the business and succeeding. Hard work has been the key to our success.

Q: What is the best thing about doing business in Fairfield County?
A: One of the best things about operating in Fairfield County is the geographical location and the affluency. We get involved in some interesting and complex developmental projects. We play a major role in furnishing those projects, and it’s always exciting to push boundaries with designers, architects, and builders and to witness the results.

Q: What do you consider to the biggest “win” in your business’s history?
A: Since 2007, as the world changed financially, I’ve always said that there’s no such thing as a “home-run.” I consider a “win” to be working hard every day, looking at every aspect of our business on a daily basis, and seeing where we can change, adapt, and can be even more successful.

Q: Outside of running a business, in what other way is County TV & Appliances involved in the community?
A: We absolutely believe in contributing to our community. We support our Police Department, the Fire Department, Downtown Stamford events, and are an intricate part of the Jewish community.

real estate in stamford

Did you enjoy HarborFest at Harbor Point? Are you intrigued with the idea of living here? Let’s browse the luxury apartment buildings and lifestyle attractions that make up Harbor Point. There are 2 main neighborhoods: Yale & Towne (closer to the train) and Commons Park (closer to the waterfront).

Yale & Towne
Yale & Towne is a walkable, lifestyle-oriented neighborhood, well-loved for its short walk to the Metro North/Amtrak train station and its wide array of restaurants and merchants. You have at your doorstep New York’s famous Fairway Market grocery store, Harlan Social American Gastro-pub, Asian Bistro, and a must-try Dinosaur Bar-B-Que! You can find a Haute Nails salon, Subway, Le Pain Quotidien bakery, Design Within Reach furnishings, Verizon Retailer, CVS, The Style Bar hair salon, Go-Green Dry Cleaners….and more new choices arriving all the time! All residents have access to the free Trolley shuttle to the train and Downtown.

The converted Yale & Towne Lock Factory at 200 Henry Street showcases Stamford’s industrial heritage. “The Lofts” is a long, low brick building with high ceilings, exposed beams, brick and ductwork, combining modern architecture with vintage character. If you love the brick factories and warehouses in New York’s Tribeca, you’ll love “The Lofts.” Amenities include in-unit laundry, a newly renovated clubhouse, concierge service, fitness center, wifi lounge, and valuable Preferred Employer discounts on items like application fee and parking.

Continuing the chic industrial theme is “The Key” at 110 Towne Street, a pet-friendly high rise with an indoor garage and in-unit washer/dryer. Amenities are located across the street at 111 Towne Street, including a including a rooftop pool/sundeck with fire-pits, grilling stations, billiard room, clubroom and gym.

Across the street are “111 Harbor Point” at 111 Towne Street and “The Lockworks” at 121 Towne. They both feature more modern architecture and less of an industrial feel. Amenities at these pet-friendly apartments include in-unit laundry, swimming pools, courtyards with gas-fueled fire pits and grills, fitness centers, concierge service and access-controlled garage parking. There are subtle differences in their architectural styles and floor plans, ranging from studios to three bedroom apartments and townhouse style units. A visit is the best way to see which location is best suited to your personal style.

A health-oriented choice is “The Vault”, a completely smoke-free community at 120 Towne Street. “The Vault” offers balconies, in-unit laundry, a pool plaza, fire pits, BBQ pavilions, fitness center, and reserved garage parking.

Commons Park
A short stroll to the South from Yale & Towne, across a treed and lighted path, you find Commons Park, the focal point of many outdoor activities. All residents can participate in free fitness classes including yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, cross-training, dance, and even an exercise class with your baby’s stroller. There are free family movies, dog training in the HP dog park, painting classes, and the popular Farmer’s Market. A powerful draw to this neighborhood is the opportunity to keep your private sailboat or powerboat at one of the marinas that dot the Harbor.

The waterfront ambience is reflected in great seafood restaurants such as Sign of the Whale and Boothbay Lobster Company, joined by Mexicue, Harbor Point Wines & Spirits, Corbo’s Deli, Fortina Pizza, and Bareburger. For a fun change of pace, organize a wine-tasting-and-painting party at Pinot’s Palette. And of course, don’t miss the charming and convenient free Trolley rides to the train station and Downtown.

Okay, it’s fun to live here, but which building should you choose? They each have different architectural character and personality, so a visit is really necessary.

At the entrance to the Commons Park neighborhood is “101 Park Place”, the first style-setting high rise built in Harbor Point, located at 101 Washington Blvd. Amenities include in-unit laundry, a pool, sun deck, fitness center, garage, concierge services, and balcony views of the city skyline or harbor.

The crown jewel of Harbor Point is “The Beacon” at 1 Harbor Point Road, the only building located directly on the waterfront. Many units offer a much-coveted harbor view from private balconies, and there is a stunning 22nd floor rooftop observatory with panoramic views of Manhattan, Long Island Sound, Westchester and Fairfield. In addition to the usual amenities, this building features a “great room” near the pool and sun deck, yoga studio, health club and game room. This building is worth a visit!

“NV@ Harbor Point” is the newest addition to the neighborhood, at 100 Commons Park North. Combining industrial design with a nautical color scheme, this building offers studio, one and two bedroom units with private balconies, in-unit laundry, pet-free or pet-friendly options, garage, and full amenities.

“Infinity Harbor Point” at 201 Commons Park South, is a delightful, well-designed building with spacious units, open floor plans, floor-to-ceiling windows, in-unit washer/dryer, concierge, and full fitness amenities including roof-top pool and fire pits. The garage even has an electric car charging station. Nothing has been left out! Come for a tour!

A popular smoke-free option is the “Postmark Apartments” at 301 Commons Park South. Units are spacious and bright with huge windows and a selection of floor plans. Located right on the park, you have instant access to all of the outdoor fitness classes, neighborhood gatherings, restaurants and merchants. And don’t forget that the Yale & Towne district is only a short walk to the North along a beautifully landscaped path. This is a truly livable and walkable neighborhood. Welcome!

real estate in Stamford

A city of sea-lovers has influenced the revival of Stamford’s Waterside neighborhood, which starts at the Old Greenwich border and extends along Stamford Harbor. Historically, Waterside has been a neighborhood of single- and multi-family homes and small industrial employers vital to the city, home to families who have loved these quiet streets for many generations. While this character still remains, the area has recently experienced revitalization along the harbor, with the development of luxury condominiums, apartment complexes, marinas and upscale restaurants.

Harbor Landing at 28 Southfield Ave is the newest apartment complex, offering the same luxury look and feel that you can find in Harbor Point, just across the harbor. Amenities include a pool and sundeck with grills and fire pits, outdoor TV lounge, fitness center and 24-hour concierge. Apartments range from studios to 2-bedroom layouts, and offer pet-friendly or pet-free/smoke-free options. Wake up to sunrise over the water!

Along the harbor on Southfield Avenue you can also find Baypointe, with luxury rental apartments, full amenities, and a free Trolley shuttle to downtown or Stamford’s Transportation Center with Metro North and Amtrak train lines. You can stroll along the harbor boardwalk to reach the area’s restaurants, marinas and water taxi to Harbor Point.  WE LOVE THIS ONE!

TGM Anchor Point is another elegant pet-friendly choice, with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, a 2-level fitness center and full amenities. Anchor Point has its own marina which offers 72 deep water boat slips for seasonal and transient rental and convenient access to Long Island Sound. Water-lovers welcome!

Seaside amenities
To take full advantage of this beautiful location, dine along the water at Prime, where the raw oyster bar and aged steak give new meaning to the term “surf and turf.” You can even dock your boat at their boat slips and then enjoy your meal overlooking the waters of the harbor. Or enjoy the Half Full Brewery or Crabshell at Stamford Landing, with a dockside bar and live music on the boardwalk. There is also an event venue at The Loading Dock, a luxurious place for weddings or other special events.
For boat owners, Waterside offers several marinas and transient boat slips, a water taxi between Harbor Landing and Harbor Point, and the famous Hinckley Yacht Services full-service boatyard. Nothing has been left out! Come explore Stamford’s Waterside!

Investment multi-family

56 and 62 Stillwater Ave. Stamford, CT multi family buildings for sale with development potential. please see the attached pictures and valuations.  Sold together or separately, call for appointment  –  Rob Vitale 203-561-6310