International Sales

Global Reach from Your Local Firm. Our international real estate sales and marketing efforts are cornerstoned by Proxio Showcase. Proxio’s platform provides global marketing and networking services that empower our real estate agents to market themselves and their listings worldwide, in 19 languages and 55 currencies. Our agents use Proxio’s online services to promote and translate our listings, build and expand our business networks, and search for properties that meet client’s criteria – across the sea and across the world!

Cutting Edge – Around the World. By connecting the sources of real estate supply and demand in an efficient manner, our marketing platform enables us to reach a global audience and close more transactions. Over 800,000 agents currently use the platform to promote more than 3.5 million listings from nearly 150 countries. Founded in 2007 by seasoned real estate veterans, the Proxio network is connecting the world of real estate™.

Our Greatest International Asset. Our best international asset happens to be our very own agents. Our agent profile is quite literally, all over the map. We all come from diverse backgrounds, a lot of us hailing from different countries and speaking 27 different languages (we are particularly proud of this fact!). The term “international real estate” resonates deeply within our office. We’re a local firm with international reach and we can prove it.