Investor Information

Many people dream of owning real estate as an investment, and for good reason. Over the long term, real estate values appreciate more reliably than other types of investment and hold their value for a long time. Real estate investments will generally be classified as residential or commercial.

Our agents in Connecticut have sold tens of millions of dollars in commercial real estate over the past twelve years including hundreds of multifamily units, mixed-use downtown buildings, restaurants, contractor lots, warehouses, and land ready for development.

Residential Real Estate as an Investment

A residential property is a single family or multi-family dwelling with fewer than four units. Sure, not everyone is cut out to be a landlord, but for people who have patience and attention for detail, becoming a landlord is great way to reduce personal cost of living and/or build a nest egg for retirement.

Commercial Real Estate as an Investment

Any investment for which the owner receives periodic rent can be classified as a commercial property. This can include residential dwellings that are greater than four units, mixed-use buildings, office buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, retail spaces, parking garages, land for development and agricultural land.