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It’s no secret that social media plays an incredibly pivotal role in our lives today. When we’re not at work, cooking, caring for the family, or sleeping, we’re probably on our laptops or phones, sifting through social media feeds. It’s hard to look away – everyone can admit it.

However, instead of letting it drain your free time, you can actually leverage this new social trend for your real estate business. By drawing clients closer to you, showcasing your community knowledge, and opening up your listings online, real estate social media is something you can’t ignore.

Here are 5 reasons why social media is critical to real estate success today:

  1. Establishing Yourself:

In a 2012 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, it was found that 90% of home buyers search online at some point during their home buying process. That means if you choose to stay off of social media, 90% of your market might never find you/learn about your real estate expertise. You know the saying: if you can’t beat them, join them. In this case, you have to, or you’ll fade into the past of real estate.

  1. Nurture Relationships:

Consumers are different today. They expect a little attention and personal nurturing before they make big purchases. What could be bigger than a home? Many home buyers will use social media to message you first before they decide to do the whole process with you. It might be a Facebook Messenger post, a question on an Instagram post, or a text through your website. Whatever it is, they are fishing for you to answer so they know you care about their well-being.

  1. Increased Exposure:

There are over 3 billion daily active users on Facebook today. It’s a lead capture for just about everyone. If you want people to know about you and your business, the most convenient way to do it is through social media. Plus, it’s completely free (although it is wise to consider some kind of advertising with the social sites).

  1. Loyalty and Trust:

You want your clients to feel loyal to you. You want them to stay with you throughout their lives and recommend you to family and friends – nothing is more important than those word of mouth recs. Social media is a great way to keep these people close and update them on you and what you are doing every single day. They will feel like they really know you. From that closeness, they will come to trust you.

  1. Follow Up:

Lastly, it’s much easier to follow up with present and past clients on social media than it is to cold call them in the middle of the day. No one wants to be pestered on their lunch break with a phone call. It puts a bad taste in their mouths. Instead, you can send a LinkedIn message, comment “great job” on their recent Facebook post, and like every photo in your newsfeed. It’s an easy way to follow up with them.

Social media and real estate go hand-in-hand. No one understands that better than us here at BHGRE Shore & Country Properties. Follow us on all of our social profiles today!