List of Must See Museums in New York

New York is considered the cultural hub of the world. So it is not surprising that it has some of the best and the most impressive museums of the world. No matter what your taste and inclination, you will find a New York museum where you can have a gala time enjoying the collections and the exhibits. From ancient relics to modern art, and from outer space to the oceans, there is a museum to satisfy your thirst and curiosity.  Here is a list of best museums in New York for you.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is the largest museum of New York that was established in 1880. It is one of the top attractions of New York for all tourists. You can have a wonderful time here exploring the Egyptian temple or getting awed by the ancient costumes from around the world. Do not miss the rooftop garden that provides mesmerizing views of the skyline of New York. Metropolitan Museum of Art is located at 1000 5th Ave and you can buy tickets online.

American Museum of Natural History

If you want to have some jaw dropping and awesome sensor experiences, you must not forget to pay a visit to the American Museum of Natural History. See the grizzly bear, a 94 foot long blue whale, and the skeleton of a prehistoric Barosaurus skeleton among a huge collection of animals, cultures, and the space to have a most memorable experience of your life. There is also Rose Center for Earth and Space with a huge auditorium inside this museum.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

This museum in New York is dedicated to modern art with creations by renowned artists and sculptors from around the world. You can satisfy your thirst for art work from great painters like Picasso and Rodin. There is also a top notch gift shop and a high end restaurant cum bar inside this museum to refresh yourself.

Tenement Museum

This is a famous museum inside New York that is made out of a 5 storey building made in 1863 and in which 7000 immigrants lived at one point of time. It is located at 97 Orchard Street. You can see how early tenants of this building coked food on coal based stoves and fireplaces. You will find interpreters looking like residents of the building as they wear costumes from old times. You have to pay $22 as admission fee into this museum.


The Guggenheim Museum is as famous for its landmark building, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and restored for its 50th birthday in 2009, as it is for its impressive collection and daring temporary art shows. The museum owns Peggy Guggenheim’s trove of cubist, surrealist and abstract expressionist works, along with the Panza di Biumo Collection of American minimalist, Thannhauser Collection, and conceptual art from the 1960s and ’70s. In addition to works by Manet, Picasso, Chagall and Bourgeois, the Guggenheim Museum holds the largest collection of Kandinskys in the U.S. In 1992, the addition of a ten-story tower provided space for a sculpture gallery (with Central Park views), an auditorium, and restaurant the Wright.

In 1939 The Museum of Non-Objective Painting opened its rented quarters at 24 East 54th Street, showcasing the collection of American and European abstract and nonobjective artworks that Solomon R. Guggenheim had begun assembling a decade before. In the seventy years since, the collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; renamed in its founder’s honor in 1952 and housed since 1959 in Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic building on Fifth Avenue—has grown exponentially, expanding in both historical and stylistic range and depth.  My favorite!