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Have a Wonderful Day at Bronx Zoo with or without Kids 
Bronx Zoo, housed inside Bronx Park in Bronx, NY, is the largest zoo in the whole of United States. Spread over a mammoth area of 265 acres, this zoo is a big attraction for families, especially kids. People have loads of fun in the company of exotic animals and birds housed inside this zoo. This zoo receives more than 2 million visitors annually. You can get to Bronx Zoo within an hour from Stamford whether you take a car ride or a train ride.

Various entry gates to see desired parts of the Zoo

It can be an overwhelming experience for you if it is your first visit to this zoo. It is so big that it is not possible to explore the entire zoo in a day. Knowing the map and the route makes it easy to see the desired areas inside the zoo and save a lot of time. Enter from the Asia Gate if you want to enjoy the camel ride. It allows you t use the monorail that is the best way to see the red pandas, the elephants, and of course the famous Jungle World. If you are interested in Tiger Mountain and the World of Birds, it is better to take entry through Bronx River Gate. One very popular entry point is Southern Boulevard Gate which is close to World of Reptiles, Bug Carousal, and the Children’s Zoo.

Do not miss these exhibits

Entire Bronx Zoo is super fun for the visitors, especially small kids. However, there are certain exhibits that are a must see for every visitor. If you do not have much time at hand, make sure you see Tiger Mountain and The Congo Gorilla Forest. Not only do you see these majestic animals but also see the wonderful exhibits housing them. For young kids, a visit to the Children’s Zoo is a must to have a wonderful and mesmerizing experience.  NEVER miss the sea lion exhibit!

Take your snacks and drinks along with you

There are several cafes and food stalls inside the zoo. However, it is prudent to pack lots of snacks and beverages to keep your little kids fueled and full of energy while they are exploring the park and the animals. You can also save a lot of money by packing your food as they charge very high prices for food and beverage.

Besides entry ticket, there are different packages available for the visitors depending upon the areas they intend to visit. Buying separate tickets inside the zoo can be costlier than the Total Experience Ticket. https://bronxzoo.com/