Relocation Experts
BHGRE Shore & Country Properties understands that moving to a new city, state or country is inherently stressful and often filled with confusing challenges and misinformation. We consider it an honor and a privilege to assist transferees and their families to make a smooth and efficient transition to the new homes and new lives.

Fairfield County Connecticut hosts many international corporations that move people around the globe for professional development and to support restructuring mandates for these companies. It is critical for new employees to complete their move-in and establish equilibrium effectively and quickly.

We are skilled in partnering with Human Resource professionals and relocation coordinators.
We help to ease the transition for valued employees and their families, and assist them in making sure that their move is fully successful.
Whether the transferred employee is single, part of the two-career couple, or the head of a multigenerational family, we take a very personal, hands-on approach to assess all incoming transferees.
We can assist with the dilemma of rent vs. purchase decisions, searching for and finding the ideal home, choosing a school district, understanding commuting options and challenges, securing childcare facilities and elder care facilities, connecting with the local medical community, and the many other details needed to pull up all of life’s essential and significant pieces together, harmoniously.
We know that each relocation client arrives with many layers of realistic life complexities that will require ongoing attention from an experienced and dedicated relocation specialist.

For transferring employees, time is always a significant factor. Newcomers to an area often feel lost when they attempt to delve into a real estate website, searching for homes in an unfamiliar area.

Some Realtors® sign up a client on a search engine and then permit them to fend for themselves, which often proves to be a frustrating, time wasting exercise; Kinard Associates relocation specialists take a more proactive and realistic approach.
We interview the transferees and their families in order to learn about their immediate and long-term needs, along with special interests and goals. We use our in-depth knowledge and experience of local areas to preselect and preview homes before we take clients to see the homes that most closely match their criteria.
We often assist our clients to secure a mortgage or lease, close on their home, and get them moving to begin life in their new communities.

When time is short and the stakes are high, BHGRE Shore & Country Properties relocation specialists are an excellent resource for Human Resource professionals. When you are in a bind, you need someone you can trust with full confidence to take care of your new hire or valued, long-term employee. Our group of specialists will be there to step up with finely-tuned experience and guidance to share with our clients on the move. We have a well proven track record of working with the world’s largest relocation companies as well as working with smaller companies who are on an upward growth path.